International Trade

A large proportion of EBN from Malaysia is exported, with the majority of EBN exports going to People's Republic of China (PRC), where there is high demand in the Chinese market. Other major export destinations for Malaysian EBN include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Laos, Vietnam, South Korea and the US. PRC is the largest consumer of EBN in the world, consuming more than 60% of total EBN production.

In September 2019, MBN achieved a major milestone and became the first company in Malaysia approved by the GACC, to export RUC-EBN to the PRC. This was soon followed by our first shipment to the PRC in November 2019, where 150kg of RUC-EBN was delivered to a customer in Qinzhou, PRC. Subsequently, in the same month, we delivered more than 300kg to a customer in Xiamen Province, PRC. In December 2019, we shipped more than 150kg to a customer in Dalian City, PRC

With the GACC approval and the bigger operating spaces, we made further improvements to our production workflow which resulted in an increase in our estimated annual processing capacity to [10,368 kg] of RUCEBN in year 2020. In 2020, we exported our largest shipment to the PRC, weighing more than 1,000kg of RUCEBN. The shipment was marked with a launching ceremony officiated by the Director General of the DVS.