The Pioneer RUC-EBN Company in Malaysia

MBN Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is a primary processing establishment for Raw UnClean Edible Bird's Nest "RUC-EBN" based in Melaka, our processed RUC-EBN are sold either to downstream bird's nest product manufacturers or to Traders of Bird's Nest.

MBN developed our own traceability system from farmers to customers. The system allowed us to trace from our sources and track all our products.

MBN was renamed in 2016 along with the welcoming of the two other founders (Mr. Lee and Mr. Lavernt Chen) as shareholders and directors. The Company took a significant change in its business direction by venturing into the processing of RUC-EBN.

All operations of MBN are chiefly managed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Lavernt Chen, one of the three founders. He has over 20 years of experience in the bird's nest industry having been involved in his family's bird's nest farming business in the early years of his career before embarking on his own entrepreneurial journey.

In 2019, after much hard work and effort, MBN achieved its most critical milestone to date by becoming the first company in Malaysia approved by the General Administration of Customs China "GACC" to export RUC-EBN to China.

Following that, MBN exported RUC-EBN directly to China instead of selling to traders or agents. By meeting all the regulatory compliance and product quality requirements necessary for such an exporter, MBN's products are deemed premium and thus gaining advantageous position of being able to demand for higher selling prices.


Group Structure




Recognition and Certifications

We are awarded a few authentication certificates such as VHM certificates, GMP certificate, MeSTI certificate and Halal Certificate.