Edible Bird's Nests are processed nests of swiftlets, which are made from strands of swiftlet saliva. In the Chinese community, bird's nest is believed to provide health and medicinal benefits. It can be prepared several ways, either in savory soups, desserts or added with medicinal herbs. It is also used as an ingredient in food and beverages, and skincare products


Recognition and Certifications

We are awarded a few authentication certificates such as VHM certificates, GMP certificate, MeSTI certificate and Halal Certificate.






Our Process

Our product specialist are well-trained to perform these processes in order to produce the highest quality grade of bird's nest. In addition, we have stringent controls on the processes in accordance to GMP & VHM standards.

Step 1

Receiving, inspection, weighing and storage


Step 2

Grading, trimming and storage


Step 3

Drying, quality control and weighing


Step 4

Heat Treatment


Step 5

Packing, labelling and storage